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A first down and inconsistent rules for TDs.

As  a Browns fan you should be pissed about that bogus first down call in the scound half of last sunday's Steelers-Browns matchup; but as a Steelers' fan I am pissed too!

That first down was a bunch of poo and I hate that the Steelers benefited from that call. of course it really did not change the outcome of what was....well fate, for lack of a better word.

I don't want any excuses. It was bullsh!t ! What were they looking at?

THE FIX IS ON! I think the NFL wanted PIT to cover the spread, think about it! it was 13.5 pts. but the Steelers only scored a field goal.

Well maybe teh fix was not on afterall because they stole a TD from WARD. It was just a BS call.

OH OH yea I said it…. They stole a TD from WARD

First yes I know the rules (probably better then most "football fans", but I don't want to blow my own horn here as usual! :)

yea I know the "rule" but that rule is BS in the endzone and other plays contradict it.

For example as soon as a receiver catches a ball and gets two feet down in the end zone the play is over, correct? Yep. The result of the play is a TD. So a defender, who may be right next to the scoring receiver, then cannot hit the ball out of the receiver’s hand. The play is over instantaneously. The receiver only has to have control in the end zone. They don't have to kneel with the ball or anything. OR maybe they should ?????? Let us have some consistency here.

Now how is that different then what happens when Ward catches the ball and lands in bounds and with the ball, THEN ROLLS COMPLETELY OVER and out of bounds.

As soon as he lands, WITH CONTROL, it SHOULD be a TD. Play over.

He only lost the ball WHILE GETTING BACK UP after he was well out of bounds 2 seconds after the play was over. THIS RULE NEEDS TO BE CHANGED!!! The NFL likes action and high scoring games, this would just make it a little easier to score, maybe one TD a week at most in all the games would fall into this category.

It reminded me of the BS call in the 2005-06 playoffs when the NFL tried so hard to give the game to IND when Polamalu intercepted Manning, rolled over, and then started running the other direction before losing control thus it was called incomplete. BULLSH!T !!!

In conclusion, that TD call should have never happened anyway, I am just saying BULLSH!T and that rule should be changed.


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Posted on: September 27, 2009 11:27 am

You fool, you’re lucky I was able to check

Welcome to my new blog! I am calling it, “You fool, you’re lucky I was able to check my reflexes! A tribute to Inspector Clouseau.” or “Why I know more about football than you”. Catchy, no?

As you will soon read this blog is like no other. It is a tsunami more then a simple opinion. It IS fact. Since my opinion has only been wrong less then 6 times out of the total number of opinions I have ever formed, there is no statistically significant difference between fact and my opinion. :) I have been, for lack of a better term, been blessed with a miracle. So I will share my gift in this blog. I will explain rules and they way of the world to you.

You may be asking yourself, is this guy qualified? What is his background? Would he consider himself a socialist? Does he like grapes? Well, I am here to ease your restless mind and reassure you, it is irrelevant. Yet I will tell you this. I played football in my youth and I have watched football for decades. I have actually read the NFL rulebook and I prefer white grapes over red but I would rather drink red wine over white if there was no glass of chilled dark beer available. For my education information and references please see my resume.


Oh yea back to reading the rule book. Yes I have some sort of OCD that forces me to do stuff like that. I believe most people who think they exist in the subset of football fans have not read the rulebook. I would also fancy a chance to wager a bet that most of these so called experts on TV or radio, or any Entertainment Sports Programming Network personalities, have never picked up a rulebook.


I want to keep the intro brief so I will leave you with two inequalities, which happen to be properties of additive inverse, and I also ask that you think about symmetry in both a geometric and algebraic context until my next post.  


For any real numbers a and b:


                        * If a < b then −a > −b

                        * If a > b then −a < −b




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